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All about lifestyle fashion, makeup, hairstyles

Short sharp observations of the coolest, inspiring, newest, funniest, most dramatic and best developments in the world of marketing and communication. Advertising and more, at a glance.


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FaceTime is an online Beauty and Fashion Magazine that is updated daily with information in the field of beauty. Maybe you’ve never used makeup, or are you just a professional – I’m sure you can find something you can bank on.Weekdays are several articles ...

Sophie's Web

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The blog of my interests. My blog is fully written in English and for an international audience. Greetings by Sophie

Pim Rupert

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Lifelog Pim Rupert

Blog about all the thing i'm into at the moment, that could be fashion, make up, beauty, photography, photoshop art, shopping, diy ect

Remember your style

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A blog about fashion, my style, photography and everything I like.

Written from my point of view, with a touch of craziness, arrogance, stubbornness and American-Dutch thinking.

One red paperclip

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My name is Kyle MacDonald and I traded one red paperclip for a house

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This platform is all about lifestyle for digital natives. Both the blog and iPad app work like an online desktop and includes stories supported by audio, video, photo galleries and shop. Some people think this is about trends, but it is more about curated ...

Playful foodie

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A gamer's food blog with tasty and healthy/healthier recipes.

Perfume Aholic

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Deze website gaat over parfum en met name niche parfums. Niet alle daagse geuren, maar echt speciale parfums met specifieke herkenningspunten. Meer weten. Kijk dan op de site


life is a runway

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blog about fashion. outfits, wishlist, shoplogs, inspirations and more. just started. xoxo


Peter de Haas' Weblog

0 beoordelingen - Peter de Haas' Weblog We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge

Funny news!

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A weblog with some humoristic news what happens around the world!

the way I roll

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een weblog, vertaald uit het nederlands naar het engels :) over van alles en nog wat.


Munching on a Dream

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My blog sprouts from the aim of making the world a better place. To this end, I share my insights about myself, other people and the world around us. I highly value connection with others! I also like plant-based food.

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